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Healthy Living

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Changing Mindsets

Changing Lives

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I am committed to help you develop strategies and tools so you can overcome barriers to change.

Healthy Living with Annie is a Christian-based Health & Wellness company that offers a holistic approach to overcome excess on food and bad eating habits.
You will learn how to create a more positive vision of what it means to live whole and complete in the Lord with Annie's approach to the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of overindulgence and other life-controlling issues.

More than a Conqueror:

Regaining your willpower over food!

It takes more than a decision to change when you are dealing with longstanding, unhealthy eating habits. It takes courage. This book will empower you to make the changes you have longed for, and sustain those changes!

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Journey to Success:

Strategies to getting free from destructive eating habits

Biblical strategies coupled with practical advice to help people who are addicted to food or having a difficult time staying focused on their journey. Excellent devotional for wellness groups or individuals.

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about annie

Annie is a Wellness Educator, Speaker and Author, with an extensive background in nursing. She created Healthy Living With Annie out of her own struggles with food and passion to see others develop a healthy lifestyle.

Annie understands the emotional and spiritual components involved in overcoming unhealthy eating habits and the strength, courage and commitment it takes to leave the past behind. Her mission is to help others get on a path to healthy living.


I chose to do the redesign program because of health conditions that are common in my family. Annie taught me that I can make healthy choices and what that looks like. During the process I became more aware of God's love for me in that He doesn't condemn me when I don't make healthy choices. He encourages me to let that go and try again next time. The more healthy choices I make, the more it will become a way of life.

—  Dr. Christine K., 

    Veterinary medicine


Redesign Your Image Plan

Whole Food



Cooking with Annie Cookbook

Start changing your life

The Daily Devotion

Bible verses to move you forward on your Wellness Journey.

Victory over Gluttony

Renew your mind and gain inner strength to break mental and emotional strongholds.

Prayer of Surrender

Prayer is a place of strength and courage to get the power you need to succeed.

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